B.A. Honors in Political Science

B.A. Honors in Political Science


Women empowerment through education and political awareness


The mission of the BS (Honors) Political Science program is to prepare young female students for roles in sectors of academia, research, legislation, mass-media, non-governmental agencies and public policy sector by inculcating knowledge of political processes and skills of interest articulation and demand aggregation.


The Bachelors Program in Political Science considers the subject from a political, philosophical and historical point of view. It emphasizes the importance of political thought in the past in shaping the ideas and circumstances that affect national and international politics. It facilitates students in understanding constitutions and the rule of law, government, distributive justice, public interest groups, human rights, the economy and economic development from a political point of view and the politics of the environment. Emphasis is placed on the study of conflict and conflict resolution and defense and diplomatic studies. Students are also facilitated in undertaking a critical analysis of the dynamics of local, regional and international politics. Students are required to do internships in different government and non-government organizations to get a firsthand experience of the kind of work students with a degree in political science can undertake.

Admission Requirement

  • FA/F.Sc with minimum 60% marks OR A-level in three main subjects (no subsidiary) with minimum Grade B (60%) with Equivalence Certificate OR Grade 12 with minimum Grade B (60%) with Equivalence Certificate.

Degree Requirements for B.A. Honors in Political Science 4 years program

To receive B.A. Honors in Political Science degree, a student must complete a total of 130 credit hours with a minimum CGPA of 2.50.

Road Map

Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
Semester I
1 Major Introduction to Political Science -I 3
2 Core English – I 3
3 Core Islamic Studies / Core Ethics 2
4 General General – I 3
5 General General – II 3
6 General General – III 3
Total 17
Semester II
1 Major Introduction to Political Science -II 3
2 Core English – II 3
3 Core Pakistan Studies 2
4 Core Introduction to Computers 3
5 General General – IV 3
6 General General – V 3
Total 17
Semester III
1 Major Political System of Pakistan 3
2 Core English – III 3
3 General General – VI 3
4 General General – VII 3
5 General General – VIII 3
Total 15
Semester IV
1 Major Political System of UK 3
2 Major Political System of USA 3
3 Major Evolution of Modern Global Politics 3
4 Core Mathematics 3
5 General General – IX 3
Total 15
Semester V
1 Major Ideology & Dynamics of Pakistan Politics 3
2 Major Evolution of Modern Global Politics (Cold War Era) 3
3 Major Western Political Thought – I 3
4 Major Muslim Political Thought – I 3
5 Major Public Diplomacy 3
6 Major Foreign & Defense Policy of Pakistan 3
Total 18
Semester VI
1 Major Comparative Politics I 3
2 Major Western Political Thought II 3
3 Major Muslim Political Thought II 3
4 Major International Law 3
5 Major Research Methodology 3
6 Major Terrorism & Counter Terrorism 3
Total 18
Semester VII
1 Major Contemporary Global Politics 3
2 Major Research Methodology  3
3 Major Defense and diplomatic Studies 3
4 Major Comparative and Developmental  Politics II 3
5 Major Parliamentary Studies 3
Total 15
Semester VIII
1 Major Federalism 3
2 Major Political Economy 3
3 Major Human Rights 3
4 Major Research Report 6
Total 15
Core 19
Major 84
General 27
Total Hrs 130

Active Citizenship Program

Active Citizenship program offered by Kinnaird College in collaboration with British Council and HEC is a social leadership training program that promotes intercultural dialogue and community-led social development. It is a mandatory requirement for the completion of undergraduate degree and based on two semesters. All students will study the theoretical portion through different activities starting in their 3rd semester. They will plan their social action projects in 4th semester and implement it in the field

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