BA/BSc June 2018 Defense Date Sheet

Please follow following guidelines regarding  BA/BSc June 2018 Defense .

  • Students are required to be present at least ten minutes before their presentation time outside their allocated rooms.
  • Head of Department is required to collect their evaluation forms at least 15 minutes before the defense start time from Office of Research.
  • Faculty members on duty are also required to sign their duties in Office of Research at least 15 minutes before the defense start time.
  • If there is any student  whose fee status is pending (mentioned in the date sheet) please clear your dues and submit the proof of clearance in Office of Research through HOD at least by 01-06-2018. Otherwise student will not be allowed to appear in June 2018 defense.
  • For the students whose CGPA is less than 2.5, they will be only allowed to appear in defense if their CGPA get improved to 2.5 at least by 01-06-2018. In other case they can appear in August 2018 or January 2019 defense after improving their CGPA.

Kindly click on following links to view department wise date sheet.

1. Geography Department 

2. Applied Psychology Department

3. Accounting & Finance Department 

4. Business Studies Department 

5. Economics Department

6. ELT Department

7. English Department 

8. Mathematics Department

9. Statistics Department

10. Zoology Department 

11. English Language and Linguistics Department 

12. Environmental science Department 

13. Biotechnology Department

14. Biochemistry Department

15. Botany Department 

16. Chemistry Department 

17. Physics Department

18. Media Studies Department 

19. International Relations Department 

20. Political Science Department

21. Food Science & Human Nutrition Department


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