The International Centre for Pakistani Writing in English is the first forum in the world dedicated to Literature produced by Pakistanis. Kinnaird College, ever cognizant of new areas of knowledge creation, seized the initiative when Mr. M. Athar Tahir, Rhodes Scholar and multiple-prize-winning author, proposed the idea.

The establishment of ICPWE was necessitated by growing national attention and international recognition Pakistani writing in English has been receiving. Since independence English, the language of government, judiciary and education, continues to be adopted and adapted by pioneering individuals for personal expression.

The long period, unfortunately, still remains largely un-addressed and un-documented. Despite a considerable body of work available in print form, the literature is rarely studied. Academic institutions of higher learning have sporadically held seminars or offered short courses. But these initiatives were few and far between. In fact not a single institution, public or private, offers degrees focusing on Pakistani English writing. This is in largely due to unavailability of material in any one place.

In view of the above, the Centre has been established by the Principal Kinnaird College, Dr. Rukhsana David.  For over a hundred years Kinnaird College has honed the literary skills of many students. Bapsi Sidhwa the internationally recognized novelist, Sara Sulehri the Pakistani-American author and Dr. Fawzia Khan, poet, novelist, academic are among many renowned literary figures who were students at Kinnaird College. Now a forum/resource centre has been founded for all Pakistani writers who employ English as a means of creative expression.


To accord Pakistani writing in English a consolidated national and international profile.


Through the only global centre of excellence, preserve, promote and propagate Pakistani Literature in English.


The ICPWE will be a repository of all that is written by Pakistanis, whether at home or abroad. As such it welcomes coordination with foreign Universities offering courses in, or that publish academic journals dedicated to, South Asian Literature. Collections of such literature, available in the country or globally, are being located and hard and soft copies procured for the ICPWE library and archives.

The ICPWE is soliciting archival material from a host of sources including living practitioners, private collectors, public collections, bibliophiles etc.

Simultaneously specialized courses for higher degrees are being prepared and guidance available for Pakistani and foreign students, scholars, academics and researchers.


  • Established in July 2014 and operative in August 2014, the ICPWE has already acquired over two hundred items including books, valuable unpublished material, manuscripts and visual images and objects from the Trustees of the Taufiq Rafat Foundation. This is now part of ICPWE’s Taufiq Rafat Collection (TRC).
  • Taufiq Rafat’s personal typewriter has also been donated by Taufiq Rafat Foundation.
  • A donation of 47 cartons of personal papers, notebooks, articles, letters, photographs of Kaleem Omar, another eminent poet, were received from Karachi. These are being sorted out.
  • The Kaleem Omar Collections (KOC) also consists of 160 donated books.
  • The M. Athar Tahir-Chowdhry Collection (MAT-CC) of 93 books and archival material has been also donated by the Director. More additions are expected.
  • Prof. Zulfikar Ghose, of the University of Texas, a distinguished poet, novelist, critic, academic has donated 27 signed, first editions. These rare publications, the first dating back 50 years, are not to be found anywhere else.
  • ICPWE is also making arrangements for the transport of 500 books, a further donation by Prof. Zulfikar Ghose, from USA..
  • Books have been presented by Ms. Nazneen Sheikh (Canadian author), Ms. Ilona Yusuf (poet), Ms. Fatima Zubair (writer), Mrs. Khawar Kazi (academician and author), Ms. Muneeza Shamsie (critic & author).
  • The Centre’s collection now exceeds five hundred books.
  • Several academicians and literary figures have visited the Centre which include: Ms. Nazneen Sheikh Canadian author; Ms. Feryal Gauhar, Pakistani novelist and media personality; Ms. Carolyn Forbes, Dr. Neal A. Sester and Dr. Deborah Clark academics from the University of Arizona; Ms. Perin Boga, Member Kinnaird Board of Governors; Dr. Waseem Anwar, Dean of Humanities Forman Christian College; Ms. Ayesha F. Barque Assistant Professor Punjab University; Ms. Ilona Yusuf poet & writer; Dr. J. Daniel Elam, NorthWestern University, U.S.A.
  • Linkages are being developed with Forman Christian College & University, University of Arizona. Contacts with academics at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), and University of York.
  • The first book launch was of Mrs. Khawar Kazi’s Readings Companion to the Novels of Bapsi Sidhwa, on 1st December in the Hladia Hall, Kinnaird College. Many distinguished guests and a large number of academics and students graced the event.
  • Students and academic faculty continue to be guided in their research at the Centre.
  • Internship has been awarded to two students.
  • The Centre is holding its inaugural conference on 17 & 18 February, 2016.Being the first of its kind International Conference on Pakistani English Literature, the Conference is encompassing works of literary figures responsible for promoting Pakistani English Literature. Research scholars, students, lecturers/professors- both national and international- are presenting papers on Pakistani English Literature.The aim is to create a viable situation for scholars and research students of English literature to work on literary legends of the country. The most important aspect of the conference would be to examine the national and diaspora directions and trends of Pakistani Writing in English.REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW!
    Registration is on first come, first serve basis.
    Registration fee is Rs. 750/-
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