M.Phil Biochemistry

M.Phil Biochemistry


Empowering women to promote healthy and enlightened community through the use of knowledge gained from the degree program


To produce knowledgeable, research oriented and highly trained biochemists who can implement scientific principles to the continuous improvement of academics and research in the fields of health, agriculture, industry, environment, and others.


Biochemistry is the field of science which has revolutionized the field of life sciences and medicine. Biochemistry has great importance in present time as it deals with the study of biochemical processes taking place in living organisms, structure of cellular components and their biomedical importance, enzymes, hormones, diseases and drugs.

The program develops in depth theoretical and practical knowledge of advance topics of Biochemistry and its allied areas. The students will be able to critically analyze the case studies / scenarios and apply the biochemistry knowledge in Solving Problems.

Admission Requirement

  • 04 years B.Sc. (Hons) with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 in degree OR 60% marks in Masters after 02 years BA/ B.Sc. The applicants should have done their Graduation/Masters in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry or other allied disciplines of sciences.
  • All candidates must appear for KC Graduate Assessment Test.
  • Only short listed candidates will be called for the Interview.

Road Map:

Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
Semester I
1 Major Advanced Enzymology 3
2 Major Chemistry of Biomolecule 3
3 Major Advanced Molecular Biology 3
4 Major Elective – I 3
Total 12
Semester II
1 Major Clinical Biochemistry 3
2 Major Elective – II 3
3 Major Genetic Engineering & Application 3
4 Major Molecular and Biochemical Techniques 3
Total 12
Semester III
1 Major Biostatistics 3
2 Major Review Article Writing 1
Total 4
Semester IV
1 Major Research Report 6
Total 6
Total Degree Credit Hours 34
  Sr. No. List of Elective courses
  1 Medical Genetics
  2 Biopharmaceuticals 
  3 Forensic Sciences
  4 Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics
  5 Nanotechnology
  6 Biosignaling and Cancer
  7 Biosafety and Bioethics
  Sr. No. Fields of Research
  1 Clinical Biochemistry
  2 Recombinant DNA Technology
  3 Enzymology
  4  Bioinformatics
  5 Medical Genetics
  6 Microbiology


Research Thesis:

An M.Phil candidate who has completed her course work with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 must present and pass the oral proposal defense examination before she is allowed to carry out her Masters research. On passing the thesis proposal defense the student must carry out a research study which is described in a thesis. She must successfully defend the completed work in an oral examination involving a presentation and question answer session in the presence of an external examiner.

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