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Mission and Vision

Vision Statement

The vision for Kinnaird is be a Centre of excellence for the education of women in South Asia, by offering an academic program of International Standards, engaging in research and service that serves the development of new knowledge and ideas and promotes social responsibility and active citizenship. This is in recognition and continuation of the reputation the college has of being the most prominent and prestigious institution for women in Pakistan.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Kinnaird is to provide access to an education that is holistic, of quality and relevant to the context and time. An education that serves personal transformation, develops leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, women who think independently, work cooperatively and act responsibly and courageously for social transformation. Women who are able to live according to the college oath, “to live up to the trust placed in me, willingly and conscientiously fulfill my responsibilities and to work with integrity and loyalty; to be rather then to seem.”

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