Panel Talk on Climate Change and its Challenges

Wednesday 11th Sept, 2019

We live in a time of climate crisis and are headed towards an onslaught of climate catastrophes ranging from fierce and unpredictable monsoon and intense heat waves to faster melting of our glaciers resulting in tremendous damage to natural and economic ecosystems. Under the United Nations Sustainable Developments Goal 12 (Climate Action) which calls for greater emphasis on climate mitigation, adaptation, financing and justice, it is the duty of every citizen of the planet to call upon their governments and private sector to take more stringent action on Climate Change.

Keeping in view, the demand of the time and in order to mobilize the students of Kinnaird College for Women on the grave and very serious issue of climate change, the Department of Environmental Sciences in collaboration with ThinkED educational consultants and Climate Action Pakistan held a panel talk on the issue and challenges that Climate Change presents to us and how we can effectively deal with them. The panel conducted a discussion highlighting the local issues, causes, impacts, mitigation measures, government policies and constraints. The students were very keen to join hands to contribute towards combating the said problem.

A Pictorial Glimpse of the Panel talk on Climate Change by the Department of Environmental Sciences


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