Team Kinnaird win big at Malaysia Debate Open X 2018

Kinnaird College for Women sent its first ever international debating team this year to the biggest Asians style parliamentary debating competition of Asia, Malaysia Debate Open X. The competition was held at Multimedia University, Melaka from 6th to 8th April 2018. The team consisted of three students, Natasha Faisal (English Literature), Fatima Razzaq (International Relations), and Nimra Farooq (English Literature). The team won accolades for the college and Pakistan by making the break to octo-finals, that translates to being in the top 16 teams in the tournament in a total of 60 international competitive teams from across the world. It is worth mentioning that no other Pakistani team has ever made it to the break in this tournament, even though many Pakistani teams from other prestigious institutions have participated in the competition over the years.

Natasha Faisal was ranked as the 6th best speaker of the tournament, which is one of the biggest achievements of the debating community from Pakistan. No Pakistani debater has ever featured on an Open Category Speaker List of an international tournament, and it is a huge milestone to be accomplished by a female Pakistani speaker, and that too from Kinnaird. She received a medal for her brilliant performance.

Mahnoor Ahmad, Kinnaird alumni from Political Science, accompanied the team as a judge and broke as an adjudicator, which is another achievement unlocked by Kinnaird.

We extend our heartiest congratulations to the team, and Kinnaird takes pride in the fact that it has upheld the precedent of supporting and grooming the female talent of Pakistan, in national as well as international initiatives.










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