Intermediate Part – II Group Lists

Schedule to Attend Classes on Campus

Refer to the notification for reopening of the college issued on September 30, 2020, classes of Intermediate Part-II will start on campus w.e.f October 12, 2020. Classes will be held in two groups and each group will attend college on alternate weeks. Students with Odd roll numbers will attend classes of first and third week whereas students with even roll numbers will attend second and fourth week. Group wise detailed distribution lists for each class is as follow (click on the link to view the list)

Group A (Even Roll Number)Group B (Odd Roll Number)
F.Sc Pre – Medical (L1,L2,L3,L5,L6)F.Sc Pre – Medical (L1,L2,L3,L5,L6)
F.Sc Pre – Engineering (L4)F.Sc Pre – Engineering (L4)
F.A Humanities (H1,H2,HE1,HE2)F.A Humanities (H1,H2,HE1,HE2)
I.C.S (Physics) (CP1,CPE1)I.C.S (Physics) (CP1,CPE1)
I.C.S (Statistics) (CS1,CSE1)I.C.S (Statistics) (CS1,CSE1)
General Science (G1)General Science (G1)
Group A -Weeks to Attend CollegeGroup B -Weeks to Attend College
12th October, 2020 – 16th October, 202019th October, 2020 – 23rd October, 2020
26th October, 2020 – 30th October, 20202nd November, 2020 – 6th November, 2020
9th November, 2020 – 13th November, 202016th November, 2020 – 20th November, 2020
23rd November, 2020 – 27th November, 202030th November, 2020 – 4th December, 2020
7th December,2020 – 11th December, 2020