Intermediate Part I Section Lists – 2020

It is with the greatest pleasure that I welcome all the newly admitted students to the Kinnaird College for Women Lahore. Please note that there will be No Orientation this year due to COVID-19 and regular classes will commence from October 26, 2020.

Refer to the notification for reopening of the college issued on September 30, 2020, classes will be held in two groups and each group will attend college on alternate weeks. Students with Odd roll numbers will attend classes of first and third week whereas students with even roll numbers will attend second and fourth week.

All the lists for Intermediate Part I are given below and students can find their names in these lists to note their shift and section. Students can also note their student number from the list which will be used as a login to access their student portal (to view their time table). Kindly note that the password for all students to access the portal is = 123456

Click here to access the student portal page

For example:
A20FMED111 is a student of Section L1 (Pre Medical Morning) her login = A20FMED111 Password = 123456

Change your password to secure your information with maximum of 10 characters

(Click here to view the Guideline to use Student Portal)

Aptitude test for F.A Humanities (1st year students) will be held as per following schedule. All interested students who want to take Fine Arts as an elective subject must appear for the test.

Fine Arts Test:

October 28, 2020 (Wednesday) at 10:00 a.m.

Venue: Fine Arts Department

Only F.A Humanities students are eligible to sit for Fine arts test. 

All Students of Fine Arts test must bring the following accessories with them

  • Drawing Board A2 Size
  • Drawing Sheet
  • Pencil / Eraser
  • Thumb Tacks

Please note that Fine Arts elective will only be offered in Afternoon Shift therefore students from morning shift will have to change their shift if they want to take Fine Arts as an elective subject

Group A (Even Roll Number)Time TableGroup B (Odd Roll Number)
F.Sc Pre – Medical (L1,L2,L3,L5,L6)Pre MedicalF.Sc Pre – Medical (L1,L2,L3,L5,L6)
F.Sc Pre – Engineering (L4)EngineeringF.Sc Pre – Engineering (L4)
F.A Humanities (H1,H2,HE1,HE2)HuminitesF.A Humanities (H1,H2,HE1,HE2)
I.C.S (Physics) (CP1,CPE1)ICS PhysicsI.C.S (Physics) (CP1,CPE1)
I.C.S (Statistics) (CS1,CSE1)ICS StatsI.C.S (Statistics) (CS1,CSE1)
General Science (G1)Gen ScienceGeneral Science (G1)
Group A -Weeks to Attend CollegeGroup B -Weeks to Attend College
26th October, 2020 – 30th October, 20202nd November, 2020 – 6th November, 2020
9th November, 2020 – 13th November, 202016th November, 2020 – 20th November, 2020
23rd November, 2020 – 27th November, 202030th November, 2020 – 4th December, 2020
7th December,2020 – 11th December, 2020 

Farooq Babar
Deputy Registrar