Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team Clinches Historic Series Win in Dunedin Against New Zealand

In a remarkable display of skill, determination, and teamwork, the Pakistan Women Cricket Team emerged victorious in the recent series against New Zealand in Dunedin. The historic win, marked by outstanding performance is a demonstration of the talent and ability of the Pakistani women cricketers. Notably, seven players from Kinnaird College played pivotal roles in this triumph, making the victory even more special. A significant aspect of Pakistan’s success in the series was the outstanding contribution of seven players from Kinnaird College. Their skills, honed through rigorous training and dedication, played a crucial role in securing victories for the team.

One of the standout moments of the series was the exceptional performance by our player Aliya Riaz in the 2nd T-20 match held on November 5th. Riaz’s remarkable skills with the bat earned her the title of the best player of the match as she scored 32* on 22 balls, making her a key player in securing the victory.

The success of the Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team was not just about individual brilliance but also about collective teamwork and determination. The players showcased resilience and unity throughout the series, overcoming challenges and adapting to varying match situations.

The achievements of the team are being celebrated as a proud moment for the Pakistan cricketing community.