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Admission Procedure:

Admission Hand Books are available at the following branches of Askari Bank during banking hours.

  • Shahrah-e-Aiwan-e-Tijarat Branch, Lahore.
  • DHA – Z Block Branch, Lahore.
  • Model Town Branch, Lahore.
  • Allama Iqbal Town Branch, Lahore.

All application form must be filled in completely with all required documents (mentioned in Admission form) and deposited in the above mentioned branches of Askari Bank during banking hours.

To check admission requirements and eligibility criteria, kindly click on desired link from following programs:

  1. Intermediate
  2. Undergraduate
  3. Postgraduate

All admissions to Kinnaird College for Women are based on merit. Previous academic performances are taken into account for admission on “open merit” and also for any category within “reserved seats”. A separate form must be used for each category and the chosen option clearly indicated on each admission form. Applicants must ensure all relevant documents listed in the forms are attached.

Reserved Seats Quota

In accordance with the admission policy limited seats are reserved for the following categories:

1. Disabled Persons

2. Religious Minority seats

3. Provinces seats

4. Balochistan & FATA

5. Sports

1. Disabled Persons

Applicants for admission in this category must submit medical reports and other relevant documents.

2. Religious Minority Seats

Applicants for admission on religious minority seats such as: Christians, Hindus, Ahmedis and Parsis must provide supporting documents.

3. Provincial Seats

Applicants for admission on Provincial seats must have obtained their schooling and passed the Board examination from the province of their domicile. They must submit their nominations through the provincial government of their domicile.

4. Balochistan & FATA Seats

Applicants for admission on Balochistan & FATA seats must have obtained their schooling and passed the Board examination from the province of their domicile. They must submit their nominations through the provincial government of their domicile.

5. Sports

Applicants applying for admission on sports seats must attach their certificates of participation and awards won at intercollegiate, district, provincial and national sports events. Students will also be required to demonstrate on the field.

Important Note:

Admission on the basis of these categories will not be changed till the completion of the degree.

The decision of the Admission Committee is final and cannot be challenged.

Applicants can apply for admission on more than one category. A separate form must be submitted for each category being applied for.

If on verification any document is found to be fake or forged admission will be cancelled.

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